Advising America’s leading families on family leadership, strategy, succession, growth & liquidity, next generation development, communication, mediation, and philanthropy.

Experience that Makes a Difference

John Messervey is an organization behavior consultant who counsels high wealth families throughout the United States and overseas. Over the years, John has resolved numerous complex issues including corporate growth and strategy, generational transfer of wealth, dispute resolution and mediation, next generation coaching and mentoring, family office governance, succession and related issues of earned/inherited wealth. He often guides families, owners and managers through very difficult conversations and is known for his consultations with very complex family challenges.

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John is engaging; he is personable; he understands; he has a sense of humor; and he is very good at what he does.  He is not some pompous ‘expert’ who claims to have cornered the market on dealing with family business. John’s approach is unique as it is a holistic approach.  He focuses on guiding the family to take responsibility for identifying and addressing defects in the family business.

– Brad, Consulting Client

Leading families trust John Messervey

The Leading Change Program

Every family business is challenged to execute a collective vision.  Many are stuck in “high neutral–revved up, but not in gear.” Well intentioned attempts at significant change often fail–too little, too late, with no real strategy, and limited execution and commitment.

LEADING CHANGE is a comprehensive, forward looking initiative that sets a new course for families in business.  This highly interactive program aligns family, management and ownership around a common vision.  Then, specific action steps are detailed in a family business LEADERSHIP AGENDA often accompanied by a highly personal document, WRITTEN UNDERSTANDINGS OF OUR FAMILY.  Leading Change is rich in content, alignment and specific metrics for success and implementation.

What Clients say about Leading Change…

Together, we made a number of highly personal choices about our family goals, business direction and wealth creation.  What a relief – this was so much easier that our previous conversations that went nowhere.

– Craig, Leading Change participant and family business CEO

Top to bottom, the company is buzzing with excitement — finally, we have everyone on the same page.

– Anthony, Leading Change participant and family business CEO

Many family business stockholders have personal visions that never get translated into shared visions that galvanize an organization.  Leading Change set us on a new course–to everyone’s relief.

– Beverly, Leading Change Participate and family business CEO


High performing family businesses have learned to resolve their inevitable disagreements sensibly — without sacrificing relationships. Serious family business disputes require mediation, not litigation. For many high profile families, years of sleepless nights and millions in legal fees aboard the runaway train of litigation result in generations of family strife. After the legal wrangling, 98% of all cases are settled by mediation.

John has mediated dozens of high profile disputes–preserving critical relationships, family unity and assuring business continuity.

Selling the Family Business

For some families in transition, an internal or external sale of ownership stakes is a timely and desired outcome. Options for liquidity are important to all stockholders. Whether redeeming stock with other family members or arranging an outside sale, many carefully facilitated family discussions are needed to prepare and execute a transaction. For decades, John has guided many family members through this often “once in a lifetime” liquidity event.

John is often asked to match parties (with similar family and business values) seeking the “the right fit.” In a highly confidential, time sensitive and carefully constructed transaction, family owned businesses find the right partners — preserving long-term relationships with clients, customers, employees and associates.

John was able to gently bring about the realization that we need to work on our family first, then our business. It’s been a long journey—thanks for the road map. I have never felt better about me—or working alongside my family.

– Mary, Consulting Client

John is equally comfortable with issues pertaining to males and females.  He does not force a solution upon a family but works through a process and guides you toward the unique solution, best for the unique circumstances facing each family member.

– Marcy, Consulting Client


Talk to John…

Internationally known family wealth consultant John Messervey has helped over 400 high net worth families over the past 30+ years. How can John help you?

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Talk to John…

Internationally known family wealth consultant John Messervey has helped over 400 high net worth families over the past 30+ years. How can John help you?

Start the conversation

With his experience, John is our one-man board.

– David, Consulting Client

John is our MTA (most trusted advisor).  He is not afraid to address sensitive or controversial subjects.  He will be a resource to our family for generations.

– Dan, Consulting Client